The day before you go on-camera, write down...
  • The key points you wish to make.
  • Your Call to Action!
  • Your 'Bookends': the first and last things you are going to say.
  • How you will bridge between your key points.
The night before, stick to the basics...
  • Prepare your wardrobe. Clean, pressed and polished. Dress for your audience but stay conservative.
    No herringbone or tight patterns.
  • Stand up and rehearse. If you have a script, talking points or prepared remarks, say them out loud!
  • Ask friends, family or colleagues for feedback.
  • If alone, use a mirror, a video camera or smartphone.
  • Go to bed early.
The day of, know...
  • The exact time, location and duration of your on-camera activity.
  • To appropriately plan your meals for the day, and have water with you at all times.
  • How visuals are going to be used.
  • Your on-camera background, where to sit or stand and look while on-camera, the meaning of hand signals used by
    production staff, and the names of those joining you on-camera.
  • You need to bring facial powder to compensate for studio lighting, and personal toiletries and effects to maintain a
    good personal appearance.
  • To severely limit jewelry, turn off cell phones, and empty loose change from pockets.
  • To be smart and consider all cameras and microphones to always be 'live'.
While on-camera, be sure you...
  • Physically balance yourself. Sit up or stand straight. 
  • Look interviewers and other guests in the eye when engaged in conversation.
  • Never check your watch.
  • Know when scheduled breaks will occur.
  • Remain focused and attentive through the entire process, until you are certain you are no longer in front of
    a live camera or microphone.
After being on-camera, immediately...
  • Remain quiet, and allow the production staff to remove any attached microphones.
  • Obtain a copy of final production pieces.
  • Review your on-camera appearance.
  • Assess video content for appropriate future use.
Corporate video is now everywhere. As the number of video channels multiplies, content is used everywhere.
Take the guesswork out of your on-camera approach and rise above the level of professional expectations.

Developing an on-camera presence is no longer merely table stakes, it's required for any competitive advantage.


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