The day before your presentation, write down...
  • Three things your audience will learn.
  • Your Call to Action!
  • Your 'Presentation Bookends': the first and last things you are going to say.
  • Any unique information about your presentation: your company's booth number in the exhibit hall, the person's name
    who signed for materials shipped in advance, a co-presenter's exact job title, other presenters....
  • Be sure you have a remote, hand-held device to advance your slides - and check those batteries!
The night before, stick to the basics...
  • Check your computer, its cords, connections and WiFi, presentation files, visuals, and supporting materials.
  • Stand up and rehearse your presentation, out loud!
  • Ask friends, family or colleagues for feedback.
  • If alone use a mirror, video camera, or a smartphone.
  • Go to bed early.
The day of, know...
  • The exact time, location and duration of your presentation.
  • On-site and emergency contact information.
  • The exact whereabouts of on-site, supporting collateral.
  • The makeup of your audience.
  • How you will look and sound.
During your presentation, be aware of how you...
  • Use microphones. Consider all microphones to be 'live'.
  • Keep track of, and stay within, your allotted time.
  • Encourage audience interaction.
  • Allow time for, and handle, audience questions.
  • Are being evaluated.
After your presentation, immediately...
  • Turn off, remove and return any attached microphones.
  • Obtain speaker evaluations.
  • Act upon new leads and audience information.
  • Take advantage of presentation recordings for sales and marketing campaigns.
  • Prepare your event summary report.
Before, during and after your presentation, stay focused and look confident.
Having a game plan involves more than just getting in and out of your session,
it requires knowing the business reasons for your presentation, how results will be delivered,
the applicable performance measures and how the value of the experience will be reported.

After your presentation ask yourself, "did I do a good job?"


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