Tony Compton - Managing Director
Tony Compton is the Founder and Managing Director of GettingPresence.
Tony has over 20 years of marketing, media, event, and communication experience. He has designed, executed, and measured go-to-market strategies for numerous B2B software, professional services, and high tech companies, and has served as a corporate voice, subject matter expert, and leader for global initiatives, multichannel lead generation campaigns, and sales enablement programs. His extensive B2B marketing experience is complemented by a working background in broadcasting, streaming media, video and voiceover production, and creative writing.

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Twitter: @tonycompton

J. Robert Parkinson
Bob Parkinson's specific instructional areas of expertise include
platform presentations, media skills, effective writing techniques,
coaching strategies, sales improvement, and effective management
practices. He has designed and directed Distant Learning projects
which incorporated a variety of electronic technologies and which
awarded academic credit for participants who successfully
completed the programs.

He has written extensively for publication. One of his seven books,
“How To Get People To Do Things Your Way”, has been translated
into eight languages, and is included in an electronic compendium
of Business Publications.
Eileen M. Parkinson
Eileen Parkinson has more than twenty years of hands-on experience
in the field of communications. Her years as a TV news anchor with
an ABC affiliate, a reporter, stage performer and professional singer
combine to provide a special perspective to the programs she teaches.

She has taught and coached business professionals at all levels from
the CEO to the newly hired. Her varied experiences enable her to easily
and effectively adapt to the needs and requirements of professionals
throughout business organizations. She has incorporated her
experience in providing personal private coaching to CEOs preparing
to make major presentations.


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